Sample Letter to Endorser

of the proposed Repair Florida's Legal Holidays Bill

Support from community organizations and leaders will be crucial to the passage of this bill. If you are a member of an organization that you believe would or should support this initiative or if you have contact with a community leader, you can ask them to support this bill. An example letter is shown below. Feel free to cut-and-paste and personalize it. [THIS IS AN EXAMPLE LETTER, PLEASE COPY AND PERSONALIZE]

[Date,] 2020
[Name of Community Leader]
[Name of Organization]
RE: Repair Legal Holidays of Confederates and Colonizers
Dear [Name]:

As a leader(s) in the community, your endorsement of a new draft bill to be sponsored by Senator Bobby Powell and Representative Geraldine Thompson would be influential in its passage. The ‘Repair Legal Holidays’ Draft Bill would correct five official legal holidays in our Florida Statutes that currently celebrate colonizers and supporters of Confederate slavery. It would refocus these holidays to correct inaccuracies in our statutes and refocus on the contributions of persons affected who exemplify the American ideals we hold dear, courage, our democratic and inalienable rights.

The five corrections are:

Birthday of Robert E. Lee with John Lewis Advance Voting Rights Day, January 19.
Pascua Florida Day with Pascua Florida Indigenous Peoples’ of Florida Day, April 2.
Confederate Memorial Day with Slave Ancestors Day, April 26.
Birthday of Jefferson Davis with Juneteenth Month Jubilee, June 3.
Columbus Day and Farmers’ Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day and Small Farms’ Day, second Monday in October.

Your endorsement of this important legislation will make a difference to the community. These holidays play an important role in the lives of Floridians, students, businesses and visitors. I will contact you within a week to discuss this further. Thank you for your consideration. For more see: and address inquiries to:


[Please sign your name preferably in blue ink.]