Correcting  Legal Holidays:

The Replacing Legal Holidays Bill would provide for the direct replacement of five official legal holidays in our Florida Statutes that currently celebrate supporters of Confederate slavery and exploitative colonizers. Each existing holiday is replaced with a more accurate representation of historical events and their effect. Because there are no date changes, no fiscal impact is expected, which is a notable consideration for appropriations approval.


From Florida Statute 683.01 S1 Legal holidays.—

(d) Birthday of Robert E. Lee to John Lewis Advance Voting Rights Day, January 19.

(i) Pascua Florida Day to Pascua Florida Indigenous Peoples’ of Florida Day, April 2.

(j) Confederate Memorial Day to Remembrance of Slave Ancestors Day, April 26.

(l) Birthday of Jefferson Davis to Juneteenth Month Jubilee, June 3.

(p) Columbus Day and Farmers’ Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day and Small Farms’ Day, second Monday in October.

Legislators currently receiving this Bill for consideration include: Representative Geraldine Thompson, Senator Bobby Powell, Senator Randolph Bracy, Representative Fentrice Driskell and Representative Ramon Alexander.

Popular movements across the state and nation prove the peoples’ desire for commemorations which exemplify the unity of principles and ideals represented in our democracy and the Constitution of the United States. This bill will promote the shared American values of freedom and justice for all in the State of Florida.

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